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Install Error

first post: mikiek wrote: The install worked OK on a box where I had 4 different flavors of V...

latest post: mikiek wrote: Tried to install 4.5.2 >>.NET Framework 4.5.2 or a later update is...

Settings dialog non-discoverable

first post: stingray wrote: I searched quite some time for the Settings dialog. It turned out t...

How to order by build name?

first post: jsucupira wrote: This is a great tool, thank you for building it. My question is: ...

latest post: stoberman37 wrote: The latest version should order by build name.

Can't Install

first post: Dlloyd wrote: I looked for this in the Visual Studio Gallery, am I correct that i...

latest post: Dlloyd wrote: That did it. Thanks.

answered by: cege7480 wrote: That should do it. Didn't error out locally, which of course makes...

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